OverDrive Binary™ Cam

ICT Web LogoSymmetry, Synchronization, and Stability.

Truly the most advanced cam system technology ever developed, BowTech introduced the OverDrive Binary™ synchronized dual cam system in our 2010 line-up. It was immediately recognized as the ultimate cam system for achieving the highest levels of tuning and consistency. It combines all the best possible attributes in a cam system. You could refer to them as the three S's; Symmetry, Synchronization, and Stability.

The patent pending OverDrive Binary Cam is the workhorse for premium bow offerings for 2011. By attaching a 100% tunable split buss cable harness to the ends of a cam synchronizing axle, cam stability is maximized while maintaining perfect synchronization for unmatched accuracy and a very comfortable draw cycle. Premium alloy composition allows for a strong, lightweight design while diminishing noise and vibration. Rotating modules come standard with the OverDrive Binary Cam system.