HardCore Limbs™

ICT Web LogoIn 2010, we blew the competition away with one of our newest creations, Hardcore Limbs. We continue to amaze with HardCore Limbs outfitted on our premium bow offerings for 2011. Each of the 7 layers of the HardCore Limbs have a special set of properties that work in conjunction with the surrounding layers, resulting in a limb with Intense Speed and Extreme Durability.

Here is a little insight on how our patent pending HardCore Limbs works. On typical limbs, most of the bow's energy is stored near the outside of the limb, while the core stores minimal energy and serves as little more than a spacer. HardCore Limbs put the core to work, storing energy not only near the surfaces, but also inside the limb. By sharing the workload, stress is reduced, producing exceptional durability. The carbon core is also significantly lighter than other limb materials available today, which produces a tighter physical response for increased energy efficiency, less noise, and less vibration.