Octaneâ„¢ Factory Strings

Handmade. Machine Grade.

It's a well-known fact that strings and cables are critical in overall bow performance, so we produce the most respected and reliable strings available. Octane strings are hand built to ensure that our high demand for quality is upheld. Over the last ten years, Octane has designed and built custom machines that are proprietary to the Octane string building process. The combination of hand quality and custom precision machinery allows for only one result; Perfection.

Find out about custom Octane Backbone Strings.

For a complete overview of our string process take a look at the Advanced Breakdown links below. You might just be surprised just how much goes into building a single set of string and cables.

The Scorpion Venom line of products comes highly recommended by BowTech because of their innovative products and their philosophy, "We here at Scorpion Venom discovered from the start that the equipment is becoming more sophisticated, requiring advanced new and innovative lubricants to service product needs." For more information, please visit