A new generation of bows was born. In the line-up that first year was the Black Knight. Marketed as "the fastest bows in the world," the Black Knight took the Archery Trade Association show by storm, challenging the competition to shoot their bows through a chronograph next to BowTech's Black Knight. That first model year, sales were 10 times more than anticipated.

This year marked the introduction of a breakthrough in archery with Vertical Force Technology. Hand shock, noise and vibration were drastically reduced. Not only are the bows fast, they are inherently more accurate.

Changes were also made to the corporate headquarters, consolidating all manufacturing facilities into a 60,000 square foot building on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon. The relocation brought all operational and administrative functions of the company under one roof. Located on 14 acres, the corporate building also sports a Factory Pro Shop. At the time, it seemed as though there was too much room and nothing to do with the empty space... if they could have known...

Technological innovations continued at a rapid pace with the debut of BowTech's new, state of the art dipping facility. The high-end hydrographic transfer facility was, and still is, the only dipping facility of its kind on the West Coast. Named WaterDog Surface Technologies, the dipping facility uses a unique ink coating process to apply colors and patterns to a wide variety of surface materials including plastics, fiberglass, composites, leather, aluminum and other metals.

In the same year, BowTech entered a new market niche with its acquisition of Diamond Archery. The additional asset allowed a strategic expansion to BowTech's plan for growth and was the next logical step to reach a broader audience. Today, Diamond possesses the best single cam bows on the market.

BowTech's motto is Refuse to Follow. Driven with a constant focus toward developing new ideas and creating new products, the motto is not only a clever tag line, it's a corporate philosophy. Radical new thinking that completely revolutionized the product line is introduced known as the Binary Cam System. Today, it remains the most accurate and sought after cam system on the market. By pure design, the Binary Cam System drives tacks, and stays in tune.

In true BowTech style, 2007 brings many more changes to the company. Once again the archery industry is taken by storm with the introduction of the revolutionary Center Pivot riser technology (Unprecedented lack of Noise & Vibration) in two models; the Guardian and Commander. This radical departure from traditional compound bow design turned heads and the cash registers.

BowTech outgrew its current facility and undertook a 25,000 square foot expansion project. The addition added a state of the art machining facility production and a brand new pro shop boasting a 30-yard indoor range. In addition, two near-by manufacturing facilities were opened, totaling another 55,000 square feet.

In October of 2007, the BowTech family of products was purchased by Savage Sports Corp, another company with a strong reputation for innovation.

At the annual Archery Trade show in January, the company launches a high-end accessory line called Octane.

Just when the general archery audience realized the clear advantages of Center Pivot Technology, BowTech released the Admiral. The Admiral not only had the inherent benefits of VFT, it surpassed the speed barrier many thought would never be possible with VFT. Numerous accolades were given to this newly designed center pivot bow.

To say 2010 was a big year for BowTech is a true understatement. With the Destroyer model announcement, BowTech introduced three patent pending technologies; Overdrive Binary Cam System (symmetry, synchronization and stability), FLX Guard (terminates riser torque) and HardCore Limbs (intense speed, extreme durability). The Destroyer became BowTech's best selling premium line of bow in history!

A record-breaking year for BowTech was 2011, with the unveiling of the Invasion CPX and the R.A.K. Equipped Assassin and HeartBreaker bows. BowTech continued to lead the way with its Industry Changing Technologies by introducing CPX (Center Pivot Extreme) for a scary accurate, deadly quiet, blazing fast shot.

BOWTECH continued as an industry leader in 2012, with the introduction of the Insanity and the Insanity CPXL. We combined all our great technologies, Center Pivot Extreme, OverDrive and FLX-Guard, resulting in true innovation and an unmatched shooting experience.

2013 brought many incredible breakthroughs in the industry. First, the Experience was introduced as the smoothest drawing, quietest shooting, most forgiving bow BOWTECH ever made. It proved to live up to these accolades as it won four major industry awards. Second, Diamond Archery launched the Infinite Edge and redefined the industry's definition of a versatile bow for all ages. The Infinite Edge has been praised as the last bow you'll ever have to buy, with adjustability from 5-70 lbs on one set of limbs, and a draw length range of 13"-30".

In June, Norwest Equity Partners, a leading middle market investment firm, announced that it sold Savage Arms, while retaining ownership of BOWTECH Archery.

BOWTECH launched the 2014 Carbon Knight and Carbon Rose mid-year 2013, revealing an incredible platform with their lightest riser ever, the Knight Riser. The Knight Riser is constructed of a perfected carbon compound to achieve maximum strength while maintaining minimal weight.

In January 2014, the RPM 360 brought many new and returning Industry Changing Technologies together in the fastest and most stable flagship bow BOWTECH has ever produced. BOWTECH also released The Carbon OverDrive, the lightest premium hunting bow on the market. The Carbon OverDrive was an industry first with the fusion of the Knight Riser, OverDrive Binary Cams, and FLX-Guard.

Also in January 2014, BOWTECH publicized its acquisition of Excalibur Crossbow. This partnership aligned leading archery brands, creating the industry's broadest product and service offering.